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888starz is the fastest growing online hybrid I-gaming platform accepting 30 different cryptocurrencies and FIAT money!

Head over to www.888starz.com landingpage to find out all info about our great platform. You can check up on our gambling license, read our whitepaper and find out more info about our unique REWARD model.

Our slogan is: PLAY >> MINE >> EARN

There is also a custom FREE OpenVPN solution available for you to use!
A VPN connection allows you to connect to our platform with the benefits of increased speed, security and anonimity from all over the world. See seperate VPN chapter.

So what are you waiting for? Head straight to 888starz to register and claim your first deposit bonuses.

What are the main features about 888starz.bet?

888starz uses the latest technology in website and online platform development. The platform has a truly unique 888token REWARD model that shares the casino’s profit with its players. As long as you hold onto your 888tokens you will receive your share in USD.

Consider it a passive income for life or a never ending cashback, even if you stop playing and just hold on to your 888tokens you will keep on receiving USD profit share.

A truly unique feature not to be found on any regular online casino and a game changer for the traditional gambling industry.

Multi currency

888starz accepts 30 different cryptocurrencies and more will be added in the near future. #BNB and #ADA were added recently and more TOP 50 cryptocurrencies will follow later this year.

You can not only play with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin but also with 27 other top performing cryptocurrencies.

Some fast blockchains like TRON offer nearly instant deposit & withdrawal.

You can literally start playing after two minutes tops!

FIAT payment options

We are adding more FIAT payment options so players worldwide not familiar with cryptocurrency can also play on our platform.


You need neither a bank account nor a credit card to use paysafecard. Just buy a card in your local shop and pay online using the 16-digit code on your paysafecard.



Neosurf helps over 350,000 customers pay and play online on thousands of websites.



Making a wallet is easier than tying your shoelaces. All you need is a phone number.


Mastercard & Visa

Mastercard and Visa are available in certain countries to deposit and withdraw with FIAT currency.

Unique 888token REWARD MODEL

While betting on our platform you MINE our 888token.
All our current and also future content is powered by this strong “one 888token economy”.

The 888token economy is hard capped at 100 million tokens.
Those tokens are TRC20 tokens created on the TRON Blockchain.

By owning 888tokens you are a stakeholder in our casino. Your 888tokens will give you passive income because your 888tokens will pay out DIVIDEND in USDT.

These 888tokens will only become more scarce and valuable, since we operate across 30 different blockchain communities and will also accept more and more FIAT currency solutions.

Our unique 888token dividend model pays out 65% of the Net Gaming Revenue of the platform to 888token holders. The remaining 35% goes to 888team for operational cost, wages, promo, marketing,…

You can WITHDRAW your 888tokens to any TRON compatible wallet like Tronlink, Tronwallet, Token Pocket,…

You can also BUY or SELL 888tokens on decentralized EXCHANGES like Trontrade, Deex, Zethyr, Polonidex,…

The past year we have achieved great numbers and PAID out over 570 MILLION TRX in dividends. This is the equivalent of more than 28 MILLION dollar!

We are RANKED number ONE Dapp on the TRON blockchain on various Dapp review sites.

By accepting 30 different cryptocurrencies we now have access to an audience on Twitter of more than 4.9 million people. These people are all active and interested in crypto.

As more players discover our platform and contribute to the dividend pool the bigger the REWARD POOL in USDT can become in the near future.


888starz has ONE BIG DIVIDEND pool in USDT.

Everyone is able to see how much money there is to divide amongst all 888token holders.

The profit is paid out in USDT into your player’s cabinet. You will be able to use it to gamble and play or you can chose to withdraw it to your cryptowallet.

The choice is completely yours!


888starz is available in 60+ different languages.


888starz offers over 6000+ integrated and fully licensed games from more than 140+ world known game providers. We have the biggest collection of games compared to any other cryptocurrency gambling platforms. This makes us a leader in this space!

888team also visited the ICE London 2020 gambling expo. This three day visit was very successful and we had meetings with all big game providers operating worldwide.

We will feature games from all big content providers like you would find at the huge casinos on the Las Vegas strip. You will have a full blown casino experience from the safety and comfort of your home.

All games are tested and certified by independent labs and have high RTP. Return to Player (RTP) is the term used to describe the percentage of all the wagered money a game or slot machine will pay back to players over time.

For example, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a machine on which the RTP is 97%, you might expect to get back about $97 in wins.

888starz also has Buy Feature Slots

What is Buy Feature?

A Buy Feature lets you buy your way into the bonus round. For instance, you might have to pay 100x your bet to automatically trigger the bonus on the next spin. The advantage to buy features is that you don’t have to wait to hit the bonus randomly. The risk is that your buy cost could exceed what the feature pays.

Buy feature

Live casino

888starz has a vast selection of high quality live casino games from 16+ different top notch game providers for you to enjoy. They work flawlessly on mobile and desktop pc.

Live casino

Lottery and bingo

We offer a fun daily, weekly and monthly lottery.

888starz offers a nice selection of lottery and bingo games from 7 different game providers.

Virtual Sports

A lot of players enjoy our virtual sports on a daily basis. 888starz offers virtual sports and exclusively licensed broadcasts that enable players to follow the most recent horse and dog racing events.


We are the only crypto platform that has an exclusive partnership with huge sportsbetting provider 1xBET.
We offer tons of sports to bet on and have high betting limits.


Our Legion poker offers a nice flawless poker experience. We will also host our own poker tournaments in the near future.

SPINS TOURNAMENTS up to $15,000 are available!

Legion poker

Fishing and hunting games

888starz offers a nice selection of fishing and hunting games from different top notch game providers. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Fishing and Hunting games

VIP cashback

You will also receive a VIP cashback. There are 8 levels from Copper to Diamond giving from 5% to 11% cashback.

Bonus system

When you create an account on 888starz and deposit crypto in your account to play you are eligble to bonus deposits and free spins.

An extensive bonus system has been developed to help attract new players and keep our regular customers engaged. The system includes various types of rewards — for signing up, for loyalty, consolation prizes and others.

Customer Relationship Management

We have a professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our CRM system will improve the efficiency of marketing and other business operations. CRM will help us understand customer behavior, streamline marketing, acquire and retain customers more efficiently, provide better customer service, and cross-sell more effectively.

The data collected by our CRM system will include:

● how frequently players visit the site;

● which games they play;

● how much time they spend playing;

● the size and frequency of their deposits;

● their average bet, win, and loss;

● their favorite sports betting types and disciplines, etc…

This information will be used to tailor rewards to the player and create other personalized offers, as well as helping to predict future behavior.

Tech support and security

We have dedicated 24/7 tech support.

We have state-of-the-art risk management and cyber security software to protect user assets and keep the platform safe from hackers and DDOS attacks.

We have a dedicated risk management department working around the clock.


We will soon have our own 888starz APP available for both Ios and Android devices.

The APP will be available for download directly from our website.

The new APP will also offer ETHEREUM, EOS and TRX Dapp browser support with instant deposits and payouts. This dapp browser feature is still under development/testing and scheduled for release soon.

Affiliate management program

Affiliate marketing is simply a method of attracting and engaging a large number of interested gamblers on your website and who arrive there through different means, and are then sent to the casino portal through your affiliate link. You are later paid commission based on the amount of traffic you send to the casino website and/or the number of referrals who go on to register and play at the casino website.

Regular players of our platform will have an unique opportunity to make promo in other cryptocurrency communities and will be able to share their reflinks. A smart and motivated player could earn thousands of dollars by actively making promo for our new platform!

Professionals, webmasters and influencers can contact community manager @icecoldsteve in Telegram to find out more about our interesting pro affiliate marketing payouts based on FTD (First Time Deposit) or a % of NGR (Net Gaming Revenue)

888 Starz Telegram Channel link: https://888starz.co/Telegram

Players cabinet

In your personal player cabinet you will find your game history, transactions, bonuses and much more.

You will be able to track everything in an easy and transparent way.

Gambling license

888starz is a blockchain casino operating worldwide.

We have a valid gambling license from the Curaçao gaming commission.You can find all info about our license on 888starz.com.

Besides cryptocurrency we will add more fiat payment options to accommodate a more traditional public.

Our target audience is huge. Asia is home to more than 4 billion people, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is home to more than 300 million people, stretching across 7% of the Earth’s total landmass.

There are nine member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States. These CIS states are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

We will also look for payment solutions for U.S. and EU residents. This will attract players that are not yet familiarized with cryptocurrencies and give them a chance to play on our platform using FIAT money.

VPN connection

Please visit 888starz.com to DOWNLOAD and use our FREE CUSTOM OpenVPN solution. It will offer superior speed & anonimity while your data is encrypted. No user data is stored!

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi and more.

We would recommend using a VPN all of the time for security and privacy on your PC and phone.

Germany, Hong Kong, Czech, Russia, Singapore are all countries that work 100% when selected and have fast VPN servers and internet infrastructure.

Final word

We are working day in day out to become the BIGGEST and BEST casino on the blockchain. We offer a huge amount of quality games, live casino, sportsbook, poker,… You can bet on our platform with 30 different cryptocurrencies and soon with FIAT money. We also have a very nice, friendly and helpfull community on Telegram. We are there for you in Telegram to help you out and answer all your questions.

We wish you all good health and luck and hope you win BIG on one of our games soon.

Game on,


Invite link with EXTRA bonus on deposit:
-BONUS FOR SPORTSBOOK: https://888starz.co/888sport

For more info on affiliate marketing or business opportunities feel free to contact:
@icecoldsteve or @Chopperz888 on Telegram

Link to 888starz.bet Telegram channel: